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Reuben Solo:
Good Boy

I took Ethics for a semester at uni and that makes me a good person. I'm sure of it. Better than you, I bet.

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My Story

When Reuben was 9 he wanted to be a professional tennis player. Unfortunately he was struck down by a temperamental thyroid in the Spring of 2006 and had to give up the dream.


At university he studied Film and Television for 3 years before deciding he didn't want to work in film and television. Perfect. He then worked as an editor/producer on the Luke and Lewis podcast before quitting in 2021 to pursue comedy full time.


He rose to prominence in 2020 posting sketches online and quickly became known for his clever writing and use of plot twists. But stand-up remains his true love. He’s opened for comedians at the Festival and all around Australia, and is now ready to showcase his first hour of material on stage.

About the Show

I took Ethics for a semester at uni and that makes me a good person. I'm sure of it. Better than you, I bet.

Do you like comedy? Do you like to laugh? I don't. I like to sit in a room and think about moral relativism and the nature of the universe and whether or not I'm out of pasta. Forget it. You wouldn't understand. 

After supporting comedians at the 2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and around Australia, and honing my skills writing and performing impeccable sketch comedy for millions online, I've built an hour of stand-up so mind-numbingly brilliant it will make you say "I am out of pasta. Thanks for reminding me. Wow, he's a good person." Bon appétit.


Suitable for audiences 16+ Must be accompanied by an adult as we are a licenced venue.

This show contains: Drug references, Occasional coarse language.

Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Thu 31 Mar, Fri 1 Apr, Sat 2 Apr, Sun 3 Apr, Thu 7 Apr, Fri 8 Apr, Sat 9 Apr, Sun 10 Apr, Thu 21 Apr, Fri 22 Apr, Sat 23 Apr & Sun 24 Apr.

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