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Corporate MC, event host & master of banter!

Make your next event one they will never forget... unless they have dementia.

SPICE Magazine Top 100 Finalist 2023 - Best Performer/Speaker

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You could hire an event host, 
or you could
hire ME
(let me explain) ...

Events are a tough gig – I should know, I’ve been to at least two. From booking a venue and speakers, to organising catering and tech, to keeping your shit together on the day so you don’t kill anyone.


Unlike other faces with a microphone, I won’t be a diva (unless there’s a costume). What’s important is your brand, your speakers, your audience and your vision – oh, that and endless puns.  

 I can MC your next music or food festival, trivia night, large-scale public event or conference
(and WAY WAY more)

I’ll use my brain, warmth, comedic timing and Autistic mastery to entertain and educate, making your event more memorable than [INSERT JOKE HERE about that thing that is memorable that I forgot]. 

And like a Swiss Army knife, I’ll be there to cut through tension, open hearts, hook attention, slice through the nerves and unscrew any issues (yes, I’m THAT handy - NOT handsy).


You might’ve seen me at…

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Not just an emcee for hire – also a professional funny man

Most event MCs are scared to crack a joke or tell a story: I’m not. That’s because when I’m not hosting up a storm, I’m out there making people laugh. 


I run shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I do voiceover work Australia-wide for major TV networks and campaigns. Plus, I host one-of-a-kind trivia experiences that leave people in stitches.     


My neurodiverse brain can read a room and find the one thing that will unite everyone so that the second they leave the event, they’ve already got FOMO.


How to book me as an event MC or corporate MC

No matter what industry you’re in or event you’re planning, it all starts with a conversation. 


Send an email to and include: 

  • Your name

  • Business or event website

  • Contact details

  • Favourite colour (JK), and

  • Event dates and information. 


For events that are more “official”, go through ICMI, Onstage or James at CMC Talent (you know who you are).


Next steps… (ICYMI)

Be brave and send an email to


This will trigger an apocalypse of excitement on my end, getting you one step closer to delivering a jaw-dropping event.

PS.... SPICE Magazine named me as a Top 100 Finalist in 2023 - Best Performer/Speaker, so you really should book me.

FAQ - Frequently awesome questions ...

I'm not sure if Ben is in my budget? 

Only one way to find out! Start the conversation... unless your budget has 3 or less digits in it.

What is Ben's general rider? 

Great question! Usually it includes, transport, accommodation (if needed), food, coffee and water!

How far in advance can I book, and can Ben do multiple events for me? 

ABDOLUTELY!! Happy to book recurring events, or single events up to 2 years in advance, and if you have multiple events, event better! We can even do annual packaging for event managers.

Do you offer landed pricing?

YES! Ben has a team here that can book his travel and accommodation making it even easier for you. 

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