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BONES AND ALL - Ben SORENSEN’S 60 Second Review

Updated: Nov 30, 2022


Bones And All is Set in the 80’s, this is a well-produced film of two cannibals who go on a journey of young love, self-discovery, and chowing down on a range of people.

Thankfully, there were no method actors on this film and special effects so good I waited to the end to make sure they were in the credits.

Bones And All is based on a book … there’s a fair few story details that are implied and not spoon fed to the audience as you’d expect, but it makes for an exciting ride!

This film had me searching for bigger meaning where there was none…. and to be clear this isn’t for the faint hearted.

Acting was great, character growth was great, and lots of gore.

Bones and all - eat your heart out. Literally.

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