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SHE SAID - Ben Sorensen's 60 Second Review


Walking into She Said, I didn't know all the details of the Harvey Weinstein case or much about him other then he produced movies and treated women poorly.

I knew it would be a heavy film, and for my privileged white male world, be an important education that not everyone's lived experience is the same as my own.

It was all that and more. It's a masterful story based on real life events, which highlights the thorough nature of solid journalism and provides genuine emotive depth that really hits home with some super strong powerful female roles.

It's a documentary on what investigative journalism should be and why it's so vital, it's an advocate for conscious and positive culture management, it's an advocate for the wonders of equal opportunity and inclusive workplaces... and most of all, it is a heavy awakening and reminder for all men to be better.

The system is broken. See this film.

Here is the actual New York Times Article that inspired this film.


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