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West Assured Mum's ONLINE TRIVIA!


Join the punny master of banter, Ben Sorensen, for a relaxed and fun night of online trivia!

West Assured, it will be a great night.

This is an inclusive, fun focused, all ages event - EVERYONE is welcome.

We have arranged a special deal on some amazing at home cocktails from Mr Yum. Click here to order your cocktails!

Some key points:

  • You need 2 screens and the interwebs to play - one for Zoom, and one for the questions/answers.

  • This event is open to EVERYONE, ANYWHERE! We would love to see people from other states and countries!

  • Exceedingly average prizes - so don't get your hopes up! Its about the experience and the journey, not the prize!

Limited to 100 tickets. LGBTQIA+ Friendly.

This event kindly supported by:

Mr Yum Cocktails! < Click here for a special offer!

West Assured Mums

Friend in Me | Making inclusion a priority |

Ben Sorensen | Voice | Comedy | Presenter |

BSE Australia | Event Technology | Lighting | Audio |

Book your own trivia event, just like this with BSE Australia.

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