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There's A Lion In The Library - Storytime with Ben Sorensen! 📚

There's A Lion In The Library. Written by Dave Skinner Get the book!

Little Lucy Lupin is sweet and dimpled - and a dreadful LIAR. The trouble is, it's impossible not to believe her - she's so perfectly cute. Not once, not twice, but three times the library is evacuated when Lucy says there's a terrifying lion on the loose. But what will happen when Lucy's lie comes true . . .?

A hilarious reimagining of The Boy Who Cried Wolf - with a truly DELICIOUS twist!


Book 2 of Storytime with Ben Sorensen - please share this video and the joy of books!

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Special thanks to: Book partner: Collins Booksellers Moonee Ponds

Charity partner: Friend In Me

Production: BSE Australia

Read by Ben Sorensen

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