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The Bikeriders - Ben Sorensen’s 60 Second Movie Review

Updated: Jul 11


The Bikeriders film poster

A chance encounter in a bar leads an outsider to be drawn into the world of The Bikeriders. This is the telling of that story, interwoven with that of motorcycle club, the Vandals, following the club's rapid growth, politics, authority, power, and endless effort to maintain culture and values.


In an otherwise sea of masculinity, it was a small but powerful balance to have the narrator of sorts, the outsider that was drawn in, be such a strong-willed female offering articulate perspective. 

This isn't part of the review, but more of an aside: Whether you’re into bikes or not, there is something enticing about the sound of a touring bike, and in some parts of the movie, I took great joy in noticing the sound produce small ripples on the screen. 

The Bikeriders is an interesting journey and insight into the pivotal culture change of motorcycle clubs in the Midwest USA.

I’m not sure what I expected, but I wasn’t expecting the evolved narrative, nuanced love/hate relationships, charisma and intricate social structures within the club and film, however toxic they may be. 

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