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INSIDE OUT 2 - Ben Sorensen's 60 Second Review

Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2
Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 has all the feels plus + some fab new feelings to get to know!

This is the sequel to "Inside Out" and is based on a teenage girl named Riley, whose mind was the home of only five different emotions- Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. Inside Out 2 depicts the journey of these emotions as they navigate Riley's mind amidst puberty, plus the new emotions Anxiety, Envy, Embarrassment, Ennui and Nostalgia.

If you’re unfamiliar- Ennui is tiredness and boredom combined. I’m sure we can relate.

Inside Out 2 is both a fun and an oddly, sneakily educational film providing insights into not only Riley’s head, but also our own.

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