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Heal Thy Money Co. - Australian Business with Ben Sorensen

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

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Heal Thy Money with Angela Maree.


About Heal Thy Money:

Heal.Thy Money provides accounting, tax, book-keeping and coaching services with a spiritual twist! We are coaches, mentors, accountants and money gurus. We work with lightworkers, pilates and yoga instructors, studios, health and wellness businesses, coaches, therapists, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs of any kind.

Heal.Thy Money was started in 2018 by Angela Maree, a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience as well as a lightworker, spiritual entrepreneur and pilates instructor with a passion for the mind, body and soul.

At Heal.Thy Money we help lightworkers like you simplify and be more in control of your money to enable you to be of highest service to the world and create the financial abundance that you deserve. As a lightworker and spiritual entrepreneur you are motivated to share your soul's purpose with the world and have a deep desire to help others by shining your light as brightly as you can. But you may have blocks around money, subconsciously believing that money is dirty, that wealthy people aren't nice, that money doesn't buy you happiness or that you are not worthy of earning money for helping others. You might meet with resistance around charging what you are worth. Or you may not be comfortable with numbers, tax rules, deductions and reporting.

At Heal.Thy Money we are here to help you bust through these blocks! It is our vision to create a ripple effect of love and light by enabling you to be of highest service and serving many people. Let us help you to build a great business and get a handle on your business and personal finances.


Video series produced by BSE Australia

Hosted by Ben Sorensen

Proud members of Melbourne’s VIP Business group.


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