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Top 10 experiences in Daylesford…. In no particular order.

After the stresses of the pandemic, and more recently the business of Comedy festival I decided it was high time to head on a little adventure filled with food, fun, nature and most of all relaxation!

In the foothills of the dividing range in Victoria, Daylesford ticked all the boxes.

Known mainly for its spas and springs, I found my top 10 things to do. Spoiler alert: none of them are day spas - there’s so much more to Daylesford!

Out for dinner at The Farmers Arms Hotel Daylesford … The house Dark Beer is wonderful, full flavoured without being heavy. Pictured is the house made pork terrine with cranberry, walnut, and apple relish. Main was a generous brisket, wedges with pickled red cabbage and rocket salad.

Was tempered by the dessert menu but was simply too happy and full!

Also a massive shout out to the staff - attentive, knowledgeable, and wonderful from start to finish!

I always love markets and this is a blend of both artisan, farmers, and second-hand goods and it’s all local - so it’s fair to say there’s something for everyone including some top food! Parking was quite easy, and although different to the market, there’s epic train rides too!

PS: Pictured is the elusive "Hepburn Spring" I found lol

Volunteer run, this is such a great little adventure for everyone, particularly Autistic me! Great little station, great Diesel train ride, and most of all everyone was very friendly. PS… there’s also a cool little gift shop!

A wonderful pace to explore both the ever-changing art and the constant history of this impressive building. Definitely a character filled space with a lovely cafe onsite… great function space too. Entry to the gallery is cheap as chips and is generously a 3 day pass.

I’m a connoisseur of country bakeries, and it’s easy to see why this one has awards in the window!

Sometimes with pies it’s like playing Where's Wally with ingredients- but not here. My cheese and steak pie was loaded with both and flakey pastry that joyously got all through my beard.

Sausage roll rocked as well, and I also ordered a ham, cheese, and tomato sandwich. With ham off the bone no less.

Coffee was typical of a country bakery which is hot and big and for me just completed the authentic experience.

Staff were warm, helpful, and very friendly!

May have severely over ordered again at Wombat Hill House (located in the beautiful Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens) and haven’t seen a wombat yet… but lots and lots of well-behaved puppies!

☕️ Ordered a double shot flat white St. Ali coffee…. Excellent as expected.

🍕 Breakfast pizza with eggs, tomato, mozzarella, Parmesan, caramelised onion - and YES I added bacon!

🥑 Avocado on toasted sourdough, goats feta, poached eggs with pea, chilli, mint and radish salad.

I’m full and happy again. 😊

PS. Little disappointed there’s no wombat emoji!

Another epic food and booze experience at Daylesford Brewing Co.

🍺 Porter - smooth and 3 pints amazing

🍟 Chips with smoked aioli

🥕House picked veg with beer hops

🍿 Smoked paprika & oregano popcorn chicken with smoked aioli

🌶 Smoked cheddar & jalapeños toasted sandwich

Yet again - happy and full. PS… Got a new locally handmade hat, and I love it.

Great country pub with a local, community atmosphere and no pokies! I enjoyed the Sunday roast, which was so incredibly perfect, all washed down with a few pints of Guinness by the fire. Make sure to come in for sunset to take full advantage of the stunning stain glass windows in the front bar.

Wonderful 30min or so leisurely walk around the lake… lots of birds, wildlife, and opportunities to take in the views and some of the big and little things nature out here has to offer. Few cafes nearby, accommodation options, and ample parking.

A noticeably quiet, tranquil, and unpretentious place with lots of wildlife, walks, and a welcoming silence. Cafe/kiosk, paddle boat hire, and lots of peacocks 🦚

This is just my top 10, outside of that there’s a veritable bunch of day spas, a eclectic Main Street worth exploring, lots of great accommodation options and lots of walks very much worth doing.

For me Daylesford was the perfect place to do both something and nothing all at the same time, and if you’re up for a bigger adventure, Daylesford is a great base with lots of other towns but a short drive away.

Overall I’m fatter and happier for my weekend away.

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