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Aussie Fun-Raiser Tour 2021 - VENUE CALL OUT!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

After the cluster f@$k of 2020, we are heading out into the community to help bring everyone together though our series of fundraising shows.

Our shows are super fun, filled with banter, the latest tech, lighting, great audio, tunes and more. We bring the show, you gather your community!


  • A space to hold the event that holds 100+ people.

  • A way to sell those people food and drink (A great profit spinner for you or a partner club)

  • A strong and committed team to drive local interest and help organise troops (Vital)

  • A few helpful and trustworthy volunteers for the night

  • A excited community keen to come out and support you!


  • Ben Sorensen to host the night

  • High Quality big screen digital trivia show (Ben Sorensen's Trivia Experience)

  • Sound/PA and lighting

  • Basic marketing and some PR for the tour

  • Ticketing

  • Artwork / Posters (Digital Format)

Optional Extras:


  • We rock at this show and have been perfecting it all across Australia and the world for the last 5 years with over 3000 shows. SO... We have a particular way of doing it, that works, is fun and on brand for a high quality experience.

  • Nothing is easy, it takes HARD WORK for a successful event, and a committed team on the ground to really drive it. Without this - the event will fail.

  • We are here for help, problem solving and all sorts of assistance along the way, and will check in regularly.

  • When suggesting dates consider other big community events and things that may compete with our event - Also don't forget about weeknights too!

  • Location isn't a huge issue - as long as the numbers work out, we can take the show ANYWHERE!

  • This is not a free show, we expect payment for our craft, equipment, time and work, however when done right there is lots of additional funds for your local community too, so it's sustainable and we all win!

  • Maybe you have a local sponsor, council, or donor who might cover our show fee, and vastly increase profits for the night.


Holy Grail Productions - James 0426895220

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