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Unleash - Ben Sorensen’s 60 Second Review


Unleash is a heartwarming documentary of individual women, with a wide array of circumstances and stories bonding together far outside their comfort zone in a most empowering burlesque class that changes lives.

Despite its movie like synopsis, it’s important to remember this is an Indi doco, and shot as such. Featuring real people, real stories and most of all real journeys.

This film is a reminder of how important the arts are, and how empowering it is for individuals both in creating community and combating isolation in a challenging often disconnected world.


A film by South Australian production company All Sourced Up, UNLEASH: The Documentary follows twelve everyday women as they overcome adversity through burlesque dance.


Raw, relatable and a little bit raunchy, viewers are instantly drawn into the lives of these diverse women and their incredible stories of resilience.


Follow each character as they uncover their inner spark and a means of solace, whilst preparing to take the stage for their upcoming burlesque show.


Melony Cherrett, the film’s Creative Director says, “Each woman in this film demonstrates strength through embracing what makes them feel sexy and we are so excited that we can now share their inspirational stories with Sydney and Melbourne for a special one time only screening.”


“No matter their age, culture, background or circumstance – watching each woman’s individual journey of discovery through dance is truly inspiring and quite often tear-jerking,” Melony says.


UNLEASH follows participants over nine weeks through a dance program that culminates in a beautifully bold, on-stage performance. 


The diverse group of women shares an inspiring message: that dance is accessible to everyone, no matter their age, size or pressures put on them by society, and that every woman can be capable of unleashing an inner self-confidence.


Cassie Hipkiss, one of the film’s lead characters, found support in the dance community throughout her brain tumour battle. 


She says her story is just one of many that showcase finding belonging and solace through dance.


“I’ve embraced burlesque as a positive influence on my mental health, and I know there are so many others that have done the same.”


“This film is important in demonstrating the effect that dance and community have in being able to change people’s lives and I’m so excited that we will be reaching more people with this important message across the country.” 


Another one of the film’s key characters, Sharminey Selvanathan is on a mission to share with other women and especially new mums, the feel-good power of exploring their sexy side.“As a mum of one young child and another on the way, I feel so grateful to have found Burlesque as it gave me the strength to embrace my new body - even with all the stretch marks and changes that all new mums struggle through,” Sharminey said.


Evoking every feel-good emotion, be prepared to reach for the tissues, embrace your loved ones, and possibly even grab your dance shoes!


A must-see film for all women and men alike, UNLEASH is showing Sydney and Melbourne for one time only.




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