Cy Fahey

Deadly Comedy Runner-Up 2021

MICF Newcomer of the year award entrant 2021

A pontificating bogan for your entertainment.


Cy puts his unique tongue in cheek spin on getting older, online dating and identity politics.


No dark stories or personal journeys. Just a mic, punchlines and your laughter!

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My Story

What do you get when you have an Aboriginal born in Malaysia that looks like a Wog?..Cy Fahey! Who is as weird and eclectic as his sense of identity!

Cy Fahey is an entertainer, actor and all round great guy.

An Aboriginal Australian, born in Malaysia on a RAAF base to an Aboriginal Mother and an English Father.

A busy single father of a beautiful young lady, whom he proudly has tattooed her portrait as a 18 month old on his chest.

A man with a colourful background, from being a young father who left for Melbourne to make himself worthy of being a great dad to being married for a brief time to which he refers to as “the most expensive holiday of my life” – It lasted not quite four months.

Working 55 hours a week as a garbage truck driver in Canberra leaves little time for socialising and comedy. But he manages and is oh so very tired!

In his free time Cy enjoys anything Marvel and has a overbearing fascination with Deadpool; from colour coordinating his car, collecting pop vinyls, paraphernalia and comics to a recent birthday present to himself of a tattoo of the irreverent tongue in cheek red comic book character on his bicep.

Whilst stuck in the golden age of Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippin, Cy’s intriguing sense of fashion is cultivated by his many, notable and unique t-shirts usually fashioned with baggy 1990’s homeboy style jeans.

Cy has an incredible sense of humour which spans broadly enough to capture all ages in his witty punchlines. Cy incorporates personal aspects of his life, being a dad, the witty remarks of his now teenage daughter and also the bizarre truths of life in the age of technology and sexual identification to capture his audience.

When it comes to personal beliefs and mottos in life – if you are unsure of Cy’s you can read them as they are tattooed all over his body. Everything from B.T.M (Be the man), When in Rome, and quotes from notable historical figures.

Cy is commonly referred to by his friends as a nerd.

He suspects his habit of making people laugh goes back to his high school days. At 14 years old, Cy was one of the smallest kids in his year. The choice was he says “either being the small geek who got picked on, or the class clown”. “ People don’t punch the class clown”. “People can’t punch when they are laughing”.

It is second nature to him now to make witty remarks and be the life of the party.

Cy enjoys fine dining and yet is a master of the slow cooker meals. He has a broad sense of appreciation for the arts whether that be sound and screen or live theatre and musical productions.

In 2018 Cy travelled as a backpacker to New York City. Dressed to be as one might say “dapper”, took it upon himself to watch and greatly appreciate the stage show of “Cats”, the soundtrack to this day reminds him fondly of his mother and the music that played in his childhood home. Cy returned to Australia after also enjoying the sights of the Empire State Building and Billy Joel live at Madison square gardens, he also frequented “The City That Never Sleeps” many bars.


Comedy has been a large part of Cy’s life spanning over 11 years, having first picked up a microphone in 2008. Although he has taken some large breaks throughout this period. Cy considers himself a fifth year comedic apprentice. Cy is a three time Deadly Funny National finalist and 2009 VIPA award winner.

In 2009 and 2010 Cy performed in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival as apart of “A Black Sheep”- a sketch comedy hour he also helped write. 2009 also saw Cy as the lead in the Aboriginal play “Chopped Liver”- a comedy/drama about Hepatitis C, where they travelled to schools, prisons and community groups to educate the public of the dangers of the disease. “It was 10 weeks on the road and only three weeks of rehearsals”. “It was a pretty insane experience looking back on it as I have had no formal training in acting”. “Pure talent Baby!” lol.

2012 saw Cy back at MICF as one half of Figments and Fragments. Although after this he would go on a large sabbatical and not perform seriously for some time.

2019 has been a big year professionally. This resulted in Cy performing as apart of the Canberra Comedy Festival alongside fellow Aboriginals as part of “Koori Comedy”. Cy also performed and won the A.C.T Deadly funny Heat – An aboriginal only version of RAW comedy which led to him being flown to Melbourne to compete with as apart of the top 12 Aboriginal state finalists in Australia at Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival.

“Hope to see you around the traps” – Cy Fahey

About the Show

A pontificating bogan for your entertainment.


Described as an "engaging presence" (Chortle.com) 3-time Deadly Funny National finalist Cy Fahey has a weirdness and confronting sense of identity to his humour, but what else would you expect from a Malaysia-born Aboriginal that looks Greek?

Performing comedy since 2008, every year he has written at least 5min of actually good jokes. He has decided to bring together his greatest hits, despite never having a first album.


In his debut solo hour, Cy puts his unique tongue in cheek spin on getting older, online dating and identity politics. No dark stories or personal journeys. Just a mic, punchlines and your laughter!

Show Dates & Tickets

Ben Sorensen's BBC | Upstairs at The Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne | 5 Riverside Quay | Southbank






Thursday April 8 2021 | 9pm 

Friday April 9 2021 | 9pm

Saturday April 10 2021 | 9pm

Sunday April 11 2021 | 9pm

Sunday April 11 2021 | 10pm


Thursday April 15 2021 | 9pm 

Friday April 16 2021 | 9pm SELLING FAST

Saturday April 17 2021 | 9pm SELLING FAST

Sunday April 18 2021 | 9pm SELLING FAST

Sunday April 18 2021 | 10pm SOLD OUT