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Comedian | MC | Entertainer

Demo video: 


Fully vaccinated

Working with Children Check


Ex-Melbourne, Australia


A Bit About Me

Armed with a quick wit, love of banter, and an aptitude for crowd work, Ben Sorensen endlessly weaves stories and content in around and through your program creating a tapestry of laughs and warmth, bringing everyone together.


With intelligence, warmth, understanding, comedic timing and endless puns tempered with Autistic mastery Ben's ability to entertain and educate seamlessly will ensure a memorable event.


Ben’s client list includes Infosys, IBM, Australian Open, Gymnastics Australia, Supanova, RACV, Blobfish Festival, Crunchyroll Expo, Ryobi, Froth Town Perth, Taste In The City Sydney and more. He is also a regular at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival each year.


Like a Swiss army knife Ben has all the tools and versatility to make just about any situation work!

Things to note:

  • All shows can be themed for even more fun!

  • Every show is different - guests can see all my shows and not get the same experience.

  • All experiences can work with or without internet on board

  • I am able to also provide licenced show formats too - Family Feud, Jeopardy, Price is Right, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Who's Still Standing and more + my hybrid formats too! 

  • Just like a TV Game show - but live and with more laughs and my signature wit and crowd work!

Ship shape custom 45min shows:

Trivia Experience

Team VS Team

Dads Daggy Disco!

  • Not your standard trivia! Banter led, competitive non-competitive trivia with the goal of making us all friends!

  • Fully digital comedy trivia experience - my signature and most popular show. Upto 5000 players per game.

  • Fully interactive with the whole audience playing along.

  • Every show is different.

  • Can also be themed / dress up / singalong

  • Uses a big screen, and lighting design.

  • Fully digital game show comedy team experience. 2 teams on stage battle it out for the ultimate winner with expert witty banter by Ben Sorensen.

  • Can be run daily over the whole cruise with a grand prize.

  • Every show is different and can be themed

  • Buzzers on stage, big screen, and DMX compatibility.

  • Spinning the top tunes as the hottest radio DJ from the 80's and 90's all with daggy puns and wit between songs inspiring laughs and nostalgia.

  • 45min - 2 hour show

  • With or without video screen

  • Even more fun with 80's or 90's dress up!

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