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Heart Of Darkness
Anthony Locascio 

Following 2022's 'Don't Call Me A Wog' Anthony Locascio returns with a story of the worst thing he's done in his life, and how he's still worthy of love... 

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The Show ...

‘Comedian Anthony Locascio is a bad, bad man.


  • He has a secret family in Bali.

  • He once stabbed a man.

  • He was caught masturbating at his grandmother’s funeral.


Only one of these is true. To find out which, come to Anthony’s newest Melbourne International Comedy Festival show Heart Of Darkness.


Anthony will tell the story of the worst thing he’s ever done in his life, and juxtapose this with how in love he is in his current relationship.


The audience and the man himself will then decide if, despite his sins, Anthony is worthy of love, or if he indeed has a HEART OF DARKNESS.’


★★★★ "A great storyteller, who really paints a picture to get the audience enthralled" Upside Adelaide

★★★★ "Audience members jolting backwards in fits of laughter" Weekend Notes Melbourne

★★★★★ "He is one of Austalia's most talented rising stars" On The House Perth



Blending sharp joke writing with musings on his ethnic background, Anthony is best known for his unique storytelling.

Starting his career in 2017, he became a two time NSW Raw Comedy State Finalist, and has performed with some of the best comedians Australia has to offer; including Dave Hughes, Nikki Britton, Tahir, Anthony Salame, Luke Heggie and many more.


Anthony has written, produced and performed a solo hour of stand-up comedy every year, including The Worst Of Both Worlds (2017/Sydney Fringe Festival 2018), Christmas Feast (2018), Unaccounted (Sydney Comedy Festival 2019), Mr Perfect (2019) and Confirmation (2020/Sydney/Perth Comedy Festival 2021), the latter two of which taking place at the prestigious Sydney Comedy Store, and performed at the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala in 2021.


Anthony hosts the HackPack and The Kevin Lasagna Appreciation Podcasts, available on iTunes and Spotify.

The tickets for the show...

Use code HEART for 20% OFF

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